Cotswold Life Editorial Thirty years behind the camera

Posted: 15 November 2011

Cotswold Life have published an article about Dean Butler Photography

The man behind the camera after thirty years work as a professional photographer, Dean’s self Portrait photograph shows a profile picture of himself which has been used in facebook, twitter and linked in also used in the PR editorial for the Cotswold Life Magazine article,

The portrait show’s an example of creative studio lighting and how it can make you stand out from the crowd, with just the right light and composition the art of portrait photography can make a statement of your intent in any visual media it takes a keen creative eye honed over many working years to advertising standards together with your thoughts and requirements in mind.

The shot was enhanced with image retouching as we all like to look our best when promoting ourselves, with Dean's experience image manipulation can be used to a lesser or greater degree to make the subject feel comfortable with themselves with believe and confidence in your profile pictures your half way to great PR which can be vital in today's market place.

Dean having seen many people with less than appealing portrait shots to promote themselves in their private and business life's decided to take a self portrait PR shot to show you one possible photography style and when the photographer can stand the other side of the lens and smile so can you.

Company directors, high earning individuals including some celebrities, seem to give little importance to their own visual profile, Dean having worked as a professional in the creative media for many years knows this is exactly the opposite of what is required. It has always amused Dean how the more ‘well known’ the subject is whether in the media, private or in business life the less attractive the portrait photography image printed or published of themselves usually is.

Often time is the major facture as with any process the creative process can take time to deliver the right look, great portrait photography capturing a persons soul can last for many generations so your time investment will always be paid back to you and your loved ones.

The importance of portrait photography to you! Please ask yourself this question ‘how do you want to look in your private or public life’ now and in the future on the wall at home or in the newspaper and glossy magazines of the day?

If you want to look your best for generations call Dean on, T; 01285 851923

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