Packshot photography - fast and efficient solutions


Packshot photography - fast and efficient solutions

Packshot photography can be a very cost-effective method of shooting products or multiples of products quickly and efficiently. We work closely with large catalogue companies, publishing houses, prepress companies and advertising and graphic design agencies to provide great value packshots of excellent professional quality. All products are shot against a neutral background with accurate colours, and can be cut out and supplied with a clipping path if required. When you or your products can't come to the studio we will come to you with our specialist white cut-out location background facility.

Our service is fast, efficient and friendly, with value for money always central to our work. Pricing is clear and straightforward, and starts from as little as £9.99 per shot.

    No. of photos Cost(each)
    100+ photos £9.99
    50 - 99 photos £10.99
    36 - 49 photos £12.99
    26 - 35 photos £14.99
    16 - 25 photos £16.99
    11 - 15 photos £18.99
    6 - 10 photos £20.99
    2 - 5 photos £24.99
    1 photo £44.99
    Clipping Paths (Optional)
    Simple £2.99 Up to a six sided object, e.g. mobile phone
    Standard £4.49 Multiple sided object, e.g. table and chairs
    Complex £7.99 Many different sides and angles, e.g. mountain bike
    What is a Clipping Path?

    A clipping path isolates a photographed object from its background. Using a clipping path is useful when a packshot is to be placed on a different colour, or on top of another image. Effectively a clipping path allows anything within the path to be seen; anything outside of it is excluded. For any more information on clipping paths call to speak to one of our packshot photographers.

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    What Happens Next?

    Once you've sent a quote request we'll get in touch to confirm your details, your requirements and then provide you with a price for supplying your photos.

    We'll then schedule a time for your photographs to be taken, help you arrange for your products to be delivered to our studio, and discuss any other details you'd like confirmed.

    When your photos have been taken, we'll give you access to our secure client area, where you can preview and download your images.

    If you want to discuss matters before you send a quote request, please call our studio on 01285 851 923.

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