What we do


Professional photography - imagination, experience and service

Dean Butler Digital Photography offers top quality commercial photography and the supporting services of a close-knit group of professional associates such as prop suppliers, models and stylists.

Our work is characterised by clever use of a wide range of lighting, style and composition techniques, exceptional attention to detail and very strong post-production work. We also plan carefully, build adaptability into everything that we do and always stay mindful of how photography sits within a project as a whole. In this way we produce great work that fits well with practical issues such as tight deadlines and budget constraints.

We use industry-leading high-end Hasselblad digital medium format equipment and where required, 5x4 Sinar cameras.

Dean Butler – the talent at the helm

With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Dean's creative and technical talents earned him a rapid rise from young trainee to head of photographic departments managing teams of photographers and assistants. Now running his own company from his studio in Gloucestershire, he works throughout the South West, across the UK and overseas.

Dean has been working with digital photography for 20 years. As one of the first few professionals in the UK to use it, his experience and skills are some of the strongest in the industry.

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